pet urine staine and odour removal

Raising and keeping pets at home brings funny moments to your home, But dog urine can be a nuisance that can make you even bored. Here are some helpful ways to get rid of dog odour and urine stains that will help you eliminate this annoying odour and the effects of dog urine. There are useful and practical ways to get rid of dog odour and urine stains, including baking soda, natural vinegar, and even chemical detergents, which can quickly get rid of dog odour and urine stains. In the following, you will read about tips to remove pet stain and odour removal.

What to do with pet urine stains on carpets?

You have taken care of these lovely animals, so confining them to a specific place to prevent the house from getting dirty is a disgrace because they need minimal apartment space for mischief and playfulness. It is almost impossible to avoid such incidents, so when our carpet becomes stained and dirty due to animal urine, you can immediately contact Best Deal cleaning and leave your rug to us and receive a clean carpet without stains and unpleasant odours.

How to clean pet urine stains?

Newly exposed stains are removed much sooner, and no trace of them remains, so the faster you are, the easier your job will be, and this is in your best interest.
Wet the stain with a clean cloth, pour some oxygenated water on the stain, and wait for it to dry. Mix the dishwashing liquid and carpet shampoo and pour it on the stain and wipe it tightly with a towel so that no trace of the stain is left.
Now your carpet has been cleaned of any stains, but the bad smell of urine persists!!! Join us to explain the trick of deodorization.

Eliminate the bad smell of urine from the carpet

Urine has an acidic acid called uric acid, which is the only solution to eliminate the bad smell. Detergents contain enzymes. Carpet shampoos that are produced and marketed today have enzymes that eradicate bad smells.
To remove the unpleasant smell of urine from the carpet, you can use a combination of baking soda and vinegar, but only if the stain is fresh and the stain has not been formed for a long time. Otherwise, enzyme-containing substances should be used.

Here’s how to get rid of the pet odour:

After removing the stain from the carpet, pour some baking soda on the place and wait a few minutes, then pour a little vinegar on the baking soda and wait again until the combination of vinegar and baking soda affects, then after a while, clean the area with a clean cotton swab.

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